Kids can’t use computers!

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Today I read an article – Kids Can’t Use Computers… And This Is Why It Should Worry You. It was an interesting read as I have dealt with computers every working day of my life, since I was 16. I’m now in my 30’s.

The article reads true… because you ‘do’ computers daily, and work in IT, you find family in particular can’t use a computer. Why would they need to, they just pick up the phone when something goes wrong! This goes for the children in the family too.

When it comes to computers I find it all very easy to get a grasp of, to troubleshoot, and to fix. Sometimes I find no matter how simply I try and put a subject across to teach a person how this works or why that was broken, I just never seem to get there. It’s easier to stop explaining and just wait for the phone call next time something breaks.

Have a read of the blog post yourself, read some of the examples half way down the page and decide if you’re classed as computer illiterate…it’s nothing to be proud of, as the post says, especially if you’re “one of the kids”!